For over 30 years, Ground Water Systems, Inc. has serviced the pump, well and water treatment needs of Western and Central New York and surrounding areas.

Founded in 1975 by John Shiffler and Joe Testa, the company began business in the basement of a furniture store in Victor, NY. In 1977, GWS moved into our current Bloomfield facility on Routes 5&20.

In 1979, John and Joe opened a new branch in Binghamton. Tom Lotz, who had been working as the counter salesman in Bloomfield, moved to Binghamton to operate this branch.

In 1990, another branch was opened in Batavia, followed by a branch in Dansville which was run by Dave Demitry (previously the Bloomfield Branch Warehouse Manager). In 1998, the Batavia and Dansville branches were consolidated at 15 Ossian Street. Dave Demitry, along with Mike Gebauer and Mike Smith, long-time employees at the Batavia branch, teamed up to run this new location.

In April, 2010, John and Joe made the difficult decision to sell; we are now owned by Alan Dretel and the D&S Pump Company. While John is enjoying retirement, Joe has stayed on acting as General Manager. We have always been known for our personal relationships with our customers, and that has not changed!

We pride ourselves on quality customer service. Most GWS employees have been with the company for over 10 years. For customers, this means that questions are handled quickly by a very knowledgeable and experienced staff. New employees are offered extensive training which allows them to thrive within the company.

GWS genuinely cares not just about selling products, but also about the PEOPLE that it serves. We are constantly adjusting our products and product lines, assisting with repairs, replacements, and installations. We truly stand by our products offering coop advertising incentives to our dealers as well as excellent warranty programs.

GWS is available to help train your employees by offering Water Conditioning Seminars, Pump Training Schools, and supplying opportunities for you and your employees to become certified in many different water-related areas.

Our sales incentive programs run the gamut from hat and t-shirt promos, holiday ham and turkey promos, to our annual GWS trip.

For more information about how GWS can be of service to you, please contact us at any of our branches! We look forward to serving you!