Reverse Osmosis Systems

All municipal water supplies are specifically treated with many heavy metals and minerals, including chlorine and fluoride.  Many heavy metals, minerals, and nitrates occur naturally in well water.

Why should we invest in a Reverse Osmosis System?

The heavy metals, minerals and nitrates that are in your drinking water have many undesirable side effects, including causing or exacerbating health problems, causing foul odors, clogging pipes, etc.  Reverse Osmosis systems remove these impurities.

Reverse Osmosis systems are typically "point-of-use" systems, meaning that it would be attached specifically to a certain tap in the house--usually the kitchen tap.  Our point-of-use Reverse Osmosis Systems remove 97%-98% of mineral, metal, and nitrate impurities.

There are now also Whole House Reverse Osmosis Systems.  These systems remove impurites for every tap in the house while retaining their 97%-98% efficiency.

What are the expenses related to Reverse Osmosis Systems?

  • Price of original unit and installation varies with each household based on water usage
  • Annual maintenance is approximately $75.00, depending on contractor and service needs
            *Annual maintenance consists of checking valves, pipes, fittings, etc.
  • Annual membrane replacement is approximately $100-$150 and varies according to water usage.
             *Membranes need to be replaced every 6 months to 1 year, depending on 
              water condition