Carbon Filtration Systems

If you have municipal water, your water is chlorinated at the water plant and comes out of your tap.  If you have a well, you should be periodically treating your water with chlorine.  Carbon Filtration Systems are designed to remove chlorine from your water.  A carbon filtration system can also be used to remove iron and sulfur from your water.

Why should we invest in a Carbon Filtration System?

Chlorine is a great water cleanser and purifier, killing many types of bacteria; however, studies show that it is related to some health issues.  It can also have an offensive taste and/or odor.  For these reasons, many people desire a system that will remove the chlorine from their water.  A Carbon Filter is a whole house unit, which means that the chlorine will be removed from every tap in your home, including the shower, the sinks, the washing machine, the dishwasher, etc.  A carbon filter is a reasonably low maintenance, automatic filter that improves water quality while removing chlorine.

What are the expenses related to carbon filtration systems?

  • Price of original unit and installation varies with each household based on water usage
  • Annual maintenance approximately $75.00, depending on contractor and service needs
           *Annual maintenance consists of checking valves, pipes, fittings, etc.
  • Re-bedding, which on average needs to be done every 5-10 years, pricing will vary according to hardness of water, size of filtration unit, and contractor hired
            *Re-bedding is a process in which the media is removed and new media is
             put in.  Media refers to the material used to filter the water, typically