If you are considering purchasing a water conditioning unit, any of our branch counter salesmen are able to perform mineral testing of your water. Just draw water into a clean bottle and bring it to the branch nearest you.

Should you require testing for bacteria and pollutants, our Bloomfield Branch is a pick up point for Midstate Environmental Labratories and Environmental Lab Services.  Water samples are picked up from the Ground Water Systems Bloomfield location Monday-Thursday at 9:00 am. 

For bacteria and pollutant tests, you will need a specific bottle to collect a sample in.  You can pick this bottle up at the counter or we can mail it to you.

On the morning that you will be dropping off your water sample, you will remove the aereator from your faucet and rub the end of the faucet with rubbing alcohol.  Let cold water run for at least 5 minutes before filling the sample bottle to the fill line indicated on the bottle.  YOU MUST DRAW THE WATER ON THE SAME MORNING THAT YOU ARE DROPPING OFF THE SAMPLE.  The sample must be delivered to Ground Water Systems no later than 9:00 am.  You will receive your water test results directly from the Labratory.

These labs are also able to do the required water tests for purchasing a HUD home.

Please contact our Bloomfield Branch counter for more information.