***Please note that any prices listed are subject to change without notice.  If you need to verify current price, please call the office or contact your salesman.***

1Goulds Pumps
2Goulds Motors & Water Ends
3Goulds Special Use Pumps
4Goulds Accessories
5Pressure & Galvanized Tanks
6Goulds Pump  & Motor Parts
7Miscellaneous Pumps
8Submersible Pump Cable
9Wellmate Tanks
15Norwesco Tanks
300-302Polyethelyne Pipe
305-307Insert Fittings
310-390Pipe and Fittings
400Brass Nipples
410Mueller Fitting
1000-1003Pump Accessories
1010Permatex Products
1300Hose Clamps
1500-1705Foot Valves & Ball Valves
29000Flexible Couplings
29011Pipe Accessories
29031Pyrotenax Sureflow Heating Cable
29200PVC Cements & Chemicals
50006Softeners & Filters
50013Homespring Units
50030Liquid Chlorinators
50031Unidose Pumps & Parts
50035Liquid Chlorinator Accessories
50036Chemtech Parts
50046Landomatic Parts & Accessories
50047Landomatic Chemicals
50055Clack Reverse Osmosis Systems
50060Ultraviolet Systems
50065Ultraviolet Parts & Accessories
50100In Line Filters
50340-54500Nature Soft Parts & Accessories