2008 Trip Promotion
Las Vegas

Forty-seven people travelled with Ground Water Systems to Las Vegas for our annual Trip Sales Promotion.  You know that adage…What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas, which is why these pictures were all taken at our trip kick-off party at the hotel in New York…where we shared an excellent meal and played a round of poker to get us in the Las Vegas Spirit.


As for Las Vegas, most of us enjoyed the NGWA Expo, as well as Goulds Hospitality.  A couple of us checked out “COYOTE UGLY”, “Mystere” was a big draw, others were levitated with Lance Burton, some took Grand Canyon tours by Helicopter, others saw the Hoover Dam, one couple celebrated their anniversary, some enjoyed the spas, others enjoyed the shopping, one couple viewed the Grand Canyon from the sky walk, many visited family, some were thrilled by the Stratosphere Rides, and others chilled in a bar of ice, some went golfing, others rented motorcycles, one couple were winners, many of us were mugged by a one-armed bandit, many experienced Fremont Street, and all enjoyed the glitter and glitz of the Las Vegas Strip.

In the end, when we came home, we were minus one jacket, one unmentionable (you know who you are!), and an untold amount of cold hard cash.  Nonetheless, a good time was had by all! 

Now we are left with one burning question…WHAT’S NEXT???